Homework #1 (The Web: My Perception)

The Web is a very huge and vast place. You can pretty much find anything from funny cat videos to digital encyclopedias. I tend to use the web pretty much on a daily basis. I am always on  Twitter reading the latest ‘gossip’ or the news. If I’m not on twitter, I’m in YouTube watching gameplay videos, makeup tutorials, or just looking up funny videos. If I’m not in any one of those sites, I’m in Facebook seeing what my family and some friends are up to. What I like and dislike about the web is that you can find anything there. What I mean by that is that by finding everything it could be either good or bad. I like it because it’s an easy way to keep up with the latest trends, old friends, buy stuff and many more things. The bad part is that some people don’t understand the concept of privacy. By that, I mean people often try to ‘hack’ other people’s accounts on whatever site it is they may be on. There are many pros and cons about the internet, but for me is mostly good.

As I said before, the web is a very vast place. How would my life be without the internet? I’m pretty sure all of our lives would change without the internet, since thanks to it we have advanced a lot. In my case particularly, my life would change completely. I use the internet for many things, but I use it mainly for entertainment and educational purposes. If I were to not have internet, everything would become a lot harder for me. For example, homework that requires research would be so much harder to find since I’m used to having all of that information in my phone or laptop and I could have all of that information in seconds. If that were to happen I would have to go to a library and look up all of the information I need and that could take hours, maybe even days to finish. I think I would’t be the only one with this problem and it’s such a scary thought.

Here’s a video explaining how the internet works: