Final Reflexion #INF105

All of my homeworks:

  1. The Web (My Perception)
  2. Itinerary for a Virtual Trip
  3. Mini-Proyecto: Informática Hoy
  4. #DoNotTrack
  5. Arte en Sagrado Corazón 

Total number of entries in my blog: 10

Total number of views on my blog: 32

My experience in my #inf105 class was good. It wasn’t the best but it was fun at times. Some things that really stuck with me were privacy and the site for the university library. Learning about privacy really helped me understand how much information I’m giving out without really knowing who is getting it. Also, the site for the library really helped me look up information and references. It helped me in my english class when I was looking up some information for an essay. If I would change anything about this class, it would be the mood. Since the class is in the morning, I would go half-asleep with barely enough energy. If the subject interested me, I would pay attention the entire time, but if it didn’t I would just zone out and the class would drag on for ages. The mood of the class would’ve definitely changed that. Other than that, I learned a lot during the semester and it was fun while it lasted.

As I said before, what will stay with me will be what I learned about privacy and the site for the university library. Also, I won’t forget everything I learned about Artificial Intelligence.


[Photo: Evaluador, by srgpicker ; Licencia CC]


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