Do Not Track is an online interactive documentary about internet privacy, directed by Brett Gaylor. This series includes 7 short videos to educate about who and what companies could be tracking you with or without knowledge and the amount of your private information they can profit off of.

I watched the whole series and it impacted me very much. I learned that many companies can create a very accurate profile of me just by my Facebook likes, even if I don’t use my real name or not use a picture of me in my profile. How scary is that? They can also use my personal information to sell to other companies so they make a profit off of MY information. Some of the sites I use on a daily basis, have other sites that watch my every move and some are connected to other sites. For example I use endi (El Nuevo Día) to see the daily news. Endi had about 12 sites connected to it, one of those being Facebook. So that means, that Facebook and Endi share information about me to make a better profile of me and understand my likes, etc. It made me very aware that nothing is really private in the internet. It also showed me how little we know about internet privacy and in how in years to come, privacy (maybe) won’t even exist.

Watching this whole series made me realise that privacy isn’t as common as we think. If we keep being this blind towards privacy, we might lose it in years to come. It’s scary to think that in next years, our “private” information won’t be private anymore. It’s also terrifying that due to privacy not being private anymore, companies will PROFIT off of OUR information. Knowing this, in some years I probably won’t even use social medias like Facebook , Twitter , Instagram or any other site, excluding sites used for information, like Google , since I will probably need it due to schoolwork, etc.

Here’s the Do Not Track trailer:

Interested in the documentary? Try it for yourself!


Circles of Privacy

[Photo: Circles of Privacy, by Bernard Goldbach ; Licencia CC]


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